Getting Linked with Iranian Academics: Project GLIA

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Project GLIA aims to select the top 100 Iranian Neuroscientists around the world, and introduce them to Iranians worldwide through seminars and virtual meetings in the hopes of inspiring a new generation of scientists, fostering scientific literacy, and aiding in collaborations.

Executive Directors

Dr. Mahmoud Kiaei

Dr. Amir Rezvani

Dr. Hamed Ekhtiari

Dr. Mohsen Omrani

Dr. Reza Shadmehr

Dr. Bita Moghaddam

Dr. Ladan Shams

Officers responsible for administration for Project GLIA

Khashayar Niki Maleki, MS
Shervin Safavi, PhD
Fatemeh Hadi, PhD
Laili Boozary, MS
Maryam Amir, BS

Project GLIA Nomination Form

Please submit the information at the link above

Scientists are chosen to be awarded project GLIA based on the following criteria:


Significant contributions to science (publications, citations)

Recommendation of the steering committee

≥1 high-impact journal publications

Influential status in the Iranian or Scientific community

Please note: a strong preference will be given to scientists with good communication skills who have demonstrated excellence in public speaking.

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